A nonprofit health planning organization convenes two commissions working to address health disparities among people of color. They are striving to achieve a shared vision of achieving health equity for African Americans through community-wide efforts and to engage Latino community leaders to design solutions to top priorities, from youth risk behaviors to health literacy, economic stress, mental health and cultural competency.

Using non-medical interventions, the coalition works to improve the scope, quality and availability of health services. Both coalitions issued large, data-rich reports to provide a clear picture of the inequities in health care among people of color, such as gaps in access and services.  

One report provided insights into the most pressing issues facing African Americans in the region and explored the link between cultural environment and behavior in health care, such as the fact that African Americans suffer disproportionately from a cluster of co-existing health problems that contribute to the onset of hypertension, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The other report identified the need to expand access to care by reducing the uninsured Latino population and by empowering Latinos to be better health care consumers.

Cook Communications was hired to summarize both reports in eight-page brochures. We created the brochures, using condensed text and clear graphics to make the information easily understandable to members of the community. The brochures were intended to spur broad discussion within the African American and Latino communities and to make a collective call for community action.

In addition to helping inform the community, client feedback was extremely positive as well:  “It looks very polished. Happy to see the full report summarized in such a user-friendly format.”

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