When asked to name their favorite music genre, most people would likely respond with rock, country, rap/hip-hop, blues, or top 40. Theater organ music would not register with many folks.

Perhaps not surprisingly then, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the theater organ genre was experiencing a dramatic reduction in membership. In the mid-1970s, the group had its highest number of members – more than 1,500. This number dropped by two-thirds to just 500 members in this decade. What’s more, existing members were getting older and not being replaced by new members.

Clearly, the nonprofit group was struggling to survive.

It turned to Cook Communications for marketing support, to help increase membership and to promote its handful of concerts.

We developed a marketing plan that was highly targeted to reach a specific demographic people most likely interested in theater organ music. The plan identified a range of tactics involving public relations, some paid advertising, direct community outreach, and existing member engagement. One suggested tactic included incentivizing existing members to assist in recruiting new members.

After following the marketing strategy and implementing suggested tactics, the nonprofit added more than 110 new members in just three months. Concert attendance increased as well.

Marketing communications efforts cannot be successful if they aren’t targeted to the right audiences. That’s where Cook Communications comes in. Not only can we create your key messages, but we can help get them into the right hands. By focusing on the right target audiences, you can achieve your marketing goals.

Tim Cook, President
Cook Communications, LLC
Twitter: @CookCom